Hôtellerie, les 5 nouvelles tendances portées par la génération Y

En dix ans, l’hôtellerie de chaîne comme les hôtels indépendants ont dû se réinventer pour s’adapter à une nouvelle clientèle de voyageurs d’affaires. Des clients plus jeunes, amateurs de design et de services novateurs qui ne voulaient plus des hôtels de “papa” et avaient mis au goût du jour une formule née en Californie dans les années 70: “à l’hôtel comme à la maison”..

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10 Best Snacks for a Road Trip

You're on the road and it hits you -- not driver fatigue or the need for a bathroom break. We're talking about the powerful hunger of a snack attack. Do you run inside a convenience store for a bag of M&M's and energy drink while you get gas? Or are you a bottle of water and handful of peanuts type of snacker?

 All it takes is a little planning ahead and you can easily avoid foods that contain no more than simple sugars and carbohydrates, such as soda, candy and other convenience store staples. Just as you'd pack an overnight bag with your must-have items from home, plan your road snack pack before you hit the highway. A small insulated cooler is a road trip must-have, as are small food storage containers or resealable baggies (the snack-sized kind are perfect for portion control) to keep finger foods ready to go.

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Snacking may very well be the new American pastime. According to the recent report from Mintel,Snacking Motivations and Attitudes US 2015, nearly all Americans (94 percent) snack at least once a day. What is more, half (50 percent) of adults snack two to three times per day with 70 percent agreeing that anything can be considered a snack these days. Mintel’s research is pointing to the pervasive nature of snacking as only a year ago 64 percent of consumers said they often snack between meals, according to Mintel’s The Snacking Occasion US 2014 report.


Furthermore, research from Mintel’s The Fifty highlights that more frequent snacking may be replacing standard daily meals. Americans also claim a preference for healthier snacking with 33 percent saying they are snacking on healthier foods this year compared to last year, specifically those with simple ingredients and low calorie counts. However, they most often snack to satisfy a craving (62 percent), highlighting the important role taste and flavor play on snacking behavior. In fact, research from Mintel’sSalty Snacks US 2015 report indicates that 63 percent of US consumers value the taste of salty snacks more than their nutrition.

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